About City

Khalilabad (Hindi: खलीलाबाद, Urdu: خلیل آباد‎) is a city and a municipal board in Sant Kabir Nagar district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the district headquarters of Sant Kabir Nagar district.

Khalilabad lies on the Faizabad-Gorakhpur road and is around 36 km west of Gorakhpur and 36 km east of Basti. This is the center point of Gorakhpur and Basti. The place got its name from its founder, Qazi Khailil-ur-Rahman, who was appointed chakladar of Gorakhpur about 1860 AD.


Khalilabad lies in Lat. 26 47’N. and Long. 83 4′ E., on the road from Faizabad to Gorakhpur. It is the headquarters of this new district Sant Kabir Nagar. The town is small but has a history which can be traced back to Mughal emperors. The place derives its name from its founder, Qazi Khailil-ur-Rahman, who was appointed chakladar of Gorakhpur about 1860. Khalil-ur-Rahman was sent to suppress revolts by Rajputs from the nearby villages. Notable amongst them were two brothers named Jai Singh and Vijay Singh. Vijay Singh was killed in a battle by Aurangjeb’s forces and Jai Singh was forced to convert to Islam. Jai Singh took the name Jasim Khan and settled with his kin and relatives in a nearby village called ‘PachPokhri’.

At present this place is more famous for its handloom cloth market, popularly known as Bardahia Bazar. The tehsil building, situated to the south of the road to Gorakhpur, is an imposing structure created after the first freedom struggle in 1857 in which the place was sacked.


The town is situated in Lat. 26 45’N. and Long. 83 8’E., on the main road from Gorakhpur to Faizabad at a distance of about 7 km southwest of the district headquarters. Maghar, a place of considerable antiquity, is not of much present day importance, except as a place of pilgrimage. It is celebrated as containing the cenotaph and shrine of saint poet Kabir.

Shiwakatai (Bhanguri)

This village is located at South-west of Belhar-Block. And In this village there are so many interested thing you will find out i.e. Intermediate Collage. It is a combination of 5 mohalla of this village named as Shiwakatai-1, Shiwakatai-2, Bhanguri, Loharjotiya, And Bajar. And the total populations of this village is approx 20,000(In 2009). And The Gram-Pradhan Name is Shree. Munshi Jii.